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List Tunes

List of tunes :: Seaforth Highlanders - Standard Settings

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First Publised: 1936
(1998 Edition)
ISBN: 0-85360-908-x
Printed: Paterson's Publications
Average price: 21 pounds

Tunename (show alternative names) Page Tunetype Parts Signature Composer Notes
25th K. O. S. B.'s, The 32Slow March2/4P/M J. Ballochlate K.O.S.B.'s...
72nd Highlander's Gathering, 1901, The 83March6/8Taylor, W., P.M.
72nd Highlanders' Farewell To Aberdeen 75March2/4Mathieson, N.
72nd Highlanders' Farewell To Edinburgh, The 74March6/8MacDonald, J. , P.M.
72nd Highlanders, The 10March6/8Regimental tune...
72nd's Advance On Peiwar-Kotal, The 94March2/4Stark, Piper
78th Highlanders' Farewell To Belgaum 114March2/4
78th Highlanders' Farewell To Fort George 76March2/4
78th Highlanders' Farewell To Montreal 77March2/4MacKenzie, Ronald, P.M.
78th's Walk Around, The
AKA: The Liverpool Hornpipe
Alastair McAllister 26Strathspey4/4
Ale Is Dear, The 64Reel2/2
All The Blue Bonnets Are Over The Border 107March6/8
Allangrange 99March2/4MacKenzie, J. B.
Aspen Bank 25Strathspey4/4
Atholl And Bredalbane Gathering, The 115March2/4Ferguson, W.M.
Back O' Benachie, The 91March2/4
Back Of The Change House, The 15Strathspey4/4Walker, Robert
Badge Of Scotland, The 38Slow March4/4MacKay, John, P. M.
Ball That Was In Oban, The 58Reel2/2
Balmoral Castle 21Strathspey4/4MacKay, Angus
Bannocks Of Barley Meal 3March6/8Regimental tune...
Barren Rocks Of Aden, The 102March2/4MacKellar, A.
Battle Of Killiecrankie, The 100March2/4
Battle Of Tamai, The 130March2/4Mac Donald, J., P. M
Battle Of The Somme, The 45Retreat March9/8
Because He Was A Bonnie Lad 16Strathspey4/4
Behind The Bush In The Garden 116March6/8
Black Bear Hornpipe, The 131March2/4
Bonawe Highlanders, The 111March6/8
Bonnie Black Haired Laddie, The 60Reel2/2
Bonnie Country Garden, The 82March2/4
Braemar Highlanders, The 93March2/4
Braes Of Castle Grant, The 96March2/4MacDonald, Duncan
Brahan Castle 20Strathspey4/4Cameron, D.
Brechin Castle 28Strathspey4/4
Brig O' Perth 12Strathspey4/4
Brose And Butter 2March9/8Regimental tune...
Brown Haired Maid, The 72March2/4
Brown Haired Maid, The 57Reel2/2
Bugle Horn, The 127March6/8
Bundle And Go 4March6/8Regimental tune...
Cabar Feidh 1March4/4Regimental tune...
Cabar Feidh 5March4/4Regimental tune...
Caithness Reel, The 63Reel2/2Cameron, A., Jnr.
Caithness Volunteers, The 76March2/4
Caledonian Society Of London, The 28Strathspey4/4
Cam' Ye By Atholl 132March6/8
Campbell's Farewell To Redcastle 100March2/4
Campbells Are Coming 6March6/8Regimental tune...
Capt. E. B. B. Towse, V.C. 74March6/8MacLennan, G.S. , P.M.
Capt. G. W. Anderson 116March2/4Taylor, W. M. , P.M.
Capt. Grant 82March2/4
Capt. Horne 16Strathspey4/4
Capt. J. E. Oldfield's Welcome To Kilravock 79March6/8MacDonald, J., P.M.
Capt. Jack Murray 12Strathspey4/4
Capt. N. T. MacLeod, M.C. , D.C.M. 72March6/8MacLennan, D.R. , P.M.
Captain Campbell 90March2/4
Captain MacDonald 91March2/4
Carles Wi' The Breeks, The 39Slow March6/8
Castle Forbes 30Slow March2/4Mathieson, D., P. M.
Castle Wemyss 39Slow March2/4Balloch, J., P. M.
Charms Of Whiskey, The 57Reel2/2
Christmas Carousal, The 60Reel2/2
Climbing Duniquaich 25Strathspey4/4Mather, D. C. (Loch Carron)
Cluny's Reel 56Reel2/2
Cogadh Na Sith
AKA: War Or Peace
104/4Regimental tune...
Colonel J. A. Campbell 48Retreat March3/4Taylor, W. M., P. M.
Colonel Robertson 128March6/8
Colonel Sinclair 129March2/4Manson, James
Corn Rigs 88March2/4
Corran House 117March6/8
Corriechoillie's 43rd Welcome To The Northern Meeting 117March2/4
Craig Miller Castle 44Retreat March3/4
Crusader's March, The 34Slow March4/4
Cuidich'n Righ 115March6/8McSwayde, N.
Cutty's Wedding 14Strathspey4/4
Daft Donald 103March6/8
Dark Lowers The Night 47Retreat March3/4
Deil Among The Tailors, The 55Reel2/2
Devil's In The Kitchen, The 22Strathspey4/4
Dornoch Links, The 80March2/4
Dovecote Park 122March6/8Braidwood, Jas., Jnr.
Drouthie Carle, The 112March2/4McLeod, Alex, P.M.
Duchess Of Roxburgh, The 15Strathspey4/4
Duke Of Gordon's Birthday, The 21Strathspey4/4Marshall
Duntroon Castle 68Reel2/2
Earl Of Mansfield, The 125March2/4McEwan, John
East Neuk O' Fife, The 105March2/4
East Wood Cottage 64Reel2/2
Fair Maid Of Oban, The 56Reel2/2
Fairy Dance, The 69Reel2/2
Farmer's Daughter, The 59Reel2/2
Fingal's Weeping 87March2/4
Flowers Of The Forest, The 8Funeral March2/4Regimental tune...
Foot It Neatly 67Reel2/2
General Stewart Of Garth 58Reel2/2
Glasgow Gaelic Club, The 125March6/8
Glendaruel Highlanders, The 113March6/8Fettes, P.M. /MacLennan, D.R. , P.M.
Green Hills Of Tyrol, The 49Retreat March3/4MacLeod, John, P.M.
Greenwood Side 121March2/4
Grinder, The 45Retreat March9/8
Happy We've Been A' Thegither 4March2/4Regimental tune...
Haste To The Wedding 89March6/8Mauchline, J.
Haughs Of Cromdale, The 110March2/4
Hawk That Swoops On High, The 44Retreat March3/4
Hearken My Love 40Slow March6/8
Heights Of Alma, The 135March6/8
Hey! Ho! My Bonnie Lass 67Reel2/2
High Road To Gairloch, The 84March2/4
Highland Brigade At Magersfontein, The 50Retreat March3/4MacLellan, J.
Highland Brigade At Tel El Kebir, The 71March6/8Cameron, John
Highland Cradle Song, The 37Slow March2/4
Highland Harry 24Strathspey4/4
Highland Laddie 6March2/4Regimental tune...
Highland Lassie Going To The Fair, 120March2/4
Highland Society Of London, The 14Strathspey4/4
Highlanders, The 84March6/8
Highlands Of Banffshire, The 27Strathspey4/4
Highway To Linton, The 54Reel2/2
Hills Of Glenorchy, The 97March6/8
Ho! Fill Your Glass 32Slow March6/8
Hot Punch 70March6/8
I Hae A Wife O' My Ain 3Retreat March9/8Regimental tune...
I ll Gang Nae Mair Tae Yon Toon 133March2/4
I Love The Highlands 36Slow March6/8
Invercauld 120March2/4
Isle Of Heather, The 29Slow March6/8
Jennie's Black E'E 132March2/4
Jenny Dang The Weaver 55Reel2/2
Jenny's Bawbee 121March2/4
Jessie Brown Of Lucknow 106March2/4
Jock Wilson's Ball 52Reel2/2
John Bain MacKenzie 108March2/4
John Bain MacKenzie's Sister's Wedding 106March6/8
John MacKenzie 61Reel2/2Conan, J.
John Roy Stewart 98March2/4
Johnnie Campbell 86March2/4
Johnnie Cope 7March2/4Regimental tune...
Kilt Is My Delight, The 54Reel2/2
Lads Of Mull, The 61Reel2/2
Lady MacKenzie Of Fairburn 15Strathspey4/4
Lady MacKenzie Of Gairloch 16Strathspey4/4
Lady Madeline Sinclair 22Strathspey4/4
Lady Seaforth 60Reel2/2
Land O' The Leal, The 8Funeral March2/4Regimental tune...
Liverpool Hornpipe, The (The 78th's 105March2/4
Loch Leven Castle 30Slow March2/4
Loch Tay Side 61Reel2/2
Lochaber No More 5Funeral March3/4Regimental tune...
Lochiel's Away To France 119March2/4
Lord Blantyre 18Strathspey4/4Gow, Nath.
Lord Byron 46Retreat March3/4
Lord James Murray 54Reel2/2
Lord Lovat's Lament 40Slow March4/4
Lord Panmure 118March2/4MacDonald, J.
Lord Robert's March To Khandahar 83March6/8
Louden's Bonnie Woods And Braes 28Strathspey4/4
Mac Kenzie Highlanders 7March2/4Regimental tune...
Mac Kenzies' Reel, The 59Reel2/2
MacDonald Of The Isles 78March6/8
MacDonalds Away To The War 101March6/8Cameron, Angus
MacGregor Of Rora 41Retreat March3/4
MacKay's Farewell To The 74th 119March2/4
MacKay's Reel 65Reel2/2MacKay, C.
MacKenzie Men, The 81March2/4
MacKenzie's Farewell To Sutherland 106March6/8MacKenzie, J. B.
MacLeod's March 135March6/8
MacPherson's Lament 134March2/4
Maids Of Kintail, The 94March6/8
Maids Of The Black Glen, The 20Strathspey4/4
Major Frew 134March2/4
Major John MacLennan, Gordon Highlanders 73March6/8MacLennan, G.S. , P.M.
Major Norman Orr Ewing 124March2/4Ross, W., P. M.
Mallorca 29Slow March6/8Prince Of Wales, H.R.H. the , K.G.
March To The Battlefield, The 78March2/4
Marion And Donald 64Reel2/2
Market Place Of Inverness, The 20Strathspey4/4
Mason's Apron, The 58Reel2/2
Mc Phedran's Strathspey 11Strathspey4/4
Midlothian Pipe Band, The 129March6/8
Miller O' Drone, The 26Strathspey4/4
Miss Drummond Of Perth 13Strathspey4/4
Miss Girdle 62Reel2/2
Mist Covered Mountains, The 38Slow March6/8
Mrs. MacLeod Of Raasay 118March2/4
Mrs. MacLeod Of Raasay 53Reel2/2MacKay, Angus
Mrs. Ross 13Strathspey4/4
Mrs. Stewart Of Grantully 21Strathspey4/4
Muckin' O' Geordie's Byre, The 128March6/8
Mull Of The Mountains 37Slow March6/8
Munlochy Bridge 19Strathspey4/4
Murray's Welcome 123March2/4
Murree Hills, The 47Retreat March3/4
My Home 35Slow March6/8
My Lodging's On The Cold Ground 31Slow March6/8
My Love She's But A Lassie Yet 70March2/4
My Native Highland Home 80March2/4
New Year's Gift, The 108March2/4MacKellar, A.
O'er The Bows To Ballindalloch 17Strathspey4/4
O'er The Hills And Far Away 77March2/4
O'er The Moor Among The Heather 17Strathspey4/4
O'er The Water To Charlie 136March6/8
Oh! But Will You Come Down To Town 45Retreat March9/8
Oh! But Ye've Been Lang A-Coming 2March2/4Regimental tune...
Pibroch O' Donal Dhu 9March6/8Regimental tune...
Piper Of Drummond, The 52Reel2/2
Piper's Cave, The 99March2/4Sutherland, J. , P.M.
Portree Men, The 104March2/4Mauchline, J.
Princess Of Wales, The 59Reel2/2Thompson, R.
Quaker's Wife, The 96March6/8
Red Coat, The 98March2/4
Red Rory's Short Coat 19Strathspey4/4
Road To The Isles, The 36Slow March2/4
Robert Campbell 18Strathspey4/4Campbell, Arch.
Rothiemurchus Rant, The 17Strathspey4/4
Sailor Boy, The 46Retreat March3/4
Sandy Duff 53Reel2/2
Sandy King's Breeks 11Strathspey4/4
Scotland Is My Ain Hame 126March2/4
Siege Of Delhi, The 92March2/4
Sir Colin Campbell 51Retreat March3/4
Sir Colin MacKenzie 109March6/8MacLennan, D.R. , P.M.
Sir John Fowler 42Retreat March3/4
Skye Gathering, The 31Slow March2/4
Sleep, Dearie, Sleep 2Slow March6/8Regimental tune...
Sleepy Maggie 68Reel2/2
Smith Of Chilliechassie, The 65Reel2/2
Smith's A Gallant Fireman, The 27Strathspey4/4
Sons Of The Mountain, The 51Retreat March3/4
Speed The Plough 62Reel2/2
Steam Boat, The 126March6/8
Stirling Castle 14Strathspey4/4
Sweet Maid Of Glendaruel, The 127March2/4
Tail Toddle 62Reel2/2
Thick Lies The Mist On Yonder Hill 22Strathspey4/4
Thomson's Dirk 66Reel2/2
Three Girls Of Portree, The 56Reel2/2
Top Of Ben Lommond, The 131March6/8
Torosay Castle 43Retreat March3/4Laurie, J., P. M.
True Lover's Lament, The 48Retreat March3/4
Tulloch Gorm 24Strathspey4/4
Wandering Piper, The 33Slow March6/8MacLeod, J. P. (Tain)
We Will Return Home To Kintail 34Slow March4/4
Weary Maid, The 35Slow March2/4
Wha'll be King but Charlie 136March6/8
When the battle is over 50Retreat March3/4
When you go to the hill, take your gun 23Strathspey4/4
White Cockade, The 88March2/4
Willie Murray 63Reel2/4
Wind that shakes the Barley, The 66Reel2/4
Wooed and married an' a' 41Retreat March9/8
Youghal harbour 42Retreat March3/4

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OMG, you don't know how long I have been waiting for a search engine to find tunes in my head. I thought about creating some kind of dictionary based on theme notes, or searching through bww files for sequences. What a thrill to find your site. I just hum a tune, use the up, down, repeat letters and... like magic the title is found. You are a genius. I will never be stumped for a title again. Thanks so much, John

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