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List of tunes :: P/M Angus MacDonald MBE Bk II

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P/M Angus MacDonald MBE, The Collection Volume II
ISBN: 1-872754-08-2
Published: 1995
Price: £14, about 30 euros

Tunename (show alternative names) Page Tunetype Parts Signature Composer Notes
A Mhoire Mhin-Gael
AKA: Fair Mary
36Hymn9/8Ishabel T. MacDonald
Alan MacPherson of Mosspark 51Jig6/8Angus MacDonald
Alex and Hector 57Hornpipe2/4Angus Lawrie (Johnstone)
Babs McNulty 10March6/8Angus MacDonald
Bonnie Benbecula 36Slow Air6/8William MacDonald (Benbecula)
Cap'n no more 41Retreat3/4Angus MacDonald
Colin's Dance 58Hornpipe2/4P/M Bill Kenyon
Colonel Charlie Workman 64March4/4Angus MacDonald
Colonel MacLean of Ardgour 4March2/4P/M John McLellan D.C.M.
Donald MacDougall 11March6/8Iain MacPherson M.M.
Dr. Flora MacAuley, Carradale 52Jig6/8Allan MacDonald (Glenuig)
Dr. MacPhail's Reel 22Reel4/4Andrew Bain
Felicite Stewart-MacFarquhar Petters 44Retreat9/8Angus MacDonaldwith seconds...
Fiona Anne MacDonald 56Hornpipe2/4Angus MacDonald
Fiona Barclay Speirs 6March2/4Tom Speirs
Going to the Well for a Drink of Water 50Jig6/8Trad.arranged by All...
Helen Gladden's Reel 23Reel4/4Donald Shaw-Ramsay
Highland Cathedral 30Seconds4/4Uli Roever & Michael Korbarranged by Ang...
Highland Cathedral 29Slow Air4/4Uli Roever & Michael Korb
Isa Johnstone 24Reel4/4George Steele (South Uist)
Jaimie MacInnes 49Jig6/8Peter MacInnes
John Black's Black Reed 54Jig6/8Archie MacNeill (The Blind Piper)
John McLelland of Cornton 7March2/4Angus MacDonald
Kelvingrove Park 37Slow Air6/8Angus MacDonald
Lament for Alan, my Son 38PiobDuncan Johnstone
Lewis Turrell's Jig 47Jig6/8Angus MacDonald
Lochailort 33Slow Air6/4Angus MacDonald
Major Alistair Ritchie, Scots Guards 45Retreat9/8Angus MacDonaldwith seconds...
Margaret MacPherson of Mosspark 1March2/4Angus MacDonald
Margaret McCall 19Reel4/4Angus MacDonald
Miss Christine MacQueen of Glenelg 53Jig6/8Dr. John MacAskill
Miss Tracey Lundie 16Strathspey4/4John Patrick
Mrs. P. MacFarquhar of Snizort 12March6/8Peter MacFarquhar
Mull of the Mountains 34Gaelic Air6/8Trad.arranged by Ang...
Murdo Nicholson of Camusluinie 21Reel4/4Dr. John MacAskill
Operation Storm Damage 61March4/4P/M David Boyle
Pipe Major Angus MacDonald 42March3/4Allan MacDonaldwith seconds...
Pipe Major Brendan Glennon 46Jig6/8Angus MacDonald
Pipe Major Calum Campbell 20Reel4/4Angus MacDonald
Pipe Major Joe Wilson (Gordon Highlanders) 48Jig6/8Angus MacDonald
Ruaridh MacDonald's Wedding March 9March6/8Angus MacDonald
Sailor Frank 57Hornpipe2/4Angus MacDonald
Sir Adam Thomson 62March4/4P/S Jimmy Liddellwith seconds...
Spifire 14Strathspey4/4Angus MacDonald
Strathcona Wedding 61March4/4Angus MacDonald
The 93rd. At Modder River 5March2/4Trad.
The Black Dog's Master 59Hornpipe2/4R. McFie
The Bob o' Fettercairn 15Strathspey4/4Trad.arranged by W. ...
The Brolum 25Reel4/4Trad.arranged by Ang...
The Desert March 3March2/4J. MauchlineParts 1 & 2: J....
The Diddler 49Jig9/8Brian Donaldson
The Fair Maid of Barra 34Slow Air6/8Trad.arranged by Ang...
The Green Day Reel 26Reel4/4Roderick S. MacDonald
The Piper Alpha 35Slow Air12/8Eric Rigler
The Piping Widow 26Reel2/2Eric Rigler
The Rhodesian Regiment 2March2/4Peter MacLeod Jnr.
The Sheiling 32Slow Air6/8John MacLellan (Dunoon)

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OMG, you don't know how long I have been waiting for a search engine to find tunes in my head. I thought about creating some kind of dictionary based on theme notes, or searching through bww files for sequences. What a thrill to find your site. I just hum a tune, use the up, down, repeat letters and... like magic the title is found. You are a genius. I will never be stumped for a title again. Thanks so much, John

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