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List Tunes

List of tunes :: Not for faint fingers

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Tunename (show alternative names) Page Tunetype Parts Signature Composer Notes
Davie Mann's Big Issue
The Pot and the Kettle
Scunner's Dilemma
Hugh McKay
Lumbago Blues
Little Cascade
Mine's a Whiskey
Slumber Drummer
Young Adam
Aalst Carnaval
At the Edge
Inzay's Jig
Disputed Ownership
The Pink House
Lynne's Trip to Belfast
Pipe Major Lindsay Ellis
Skimpy Knickers
Sgt. McLuskey's Hedgehog
The Spiral Perm
Flecky the Cass Collector
Tepal Oahl
Miss Gillian Crawford's Wedding March
Queen of Hearts
Drum Major Nobby Clark
Ken and Trish's Visit 1990
Pipe Major Harry Ellis
Miss Siobhan Campbell
Jim Paterson's Tribute
John Phillip Sousa's Bagpipe March
Tribute to Bill Paisley
Jack Bowman WPM
Bill Micenko and the Tacoma Scots
Keeper of the Light
Chief Constable William Spence Q.P.M. L.L.B.
Sam's Song
Hari Oong
Stanley's Strathspey
Cutting Bracken
Charlie Young's Waiting List
Siobhan's Reel
John's Exclusive Hackle
Willie Hunter
Mrs. Jessie Ellis

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( Henri Aanstoot )

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Fuzzy search fixed now (2011-feb-18)

email lost at provider, fixed now (2018)

OMG, you don't know how long I have been waiting for a search engine to find tunes in my head. I thought about creating some kind of dictionary based on theme notes, or searching through bww files for sequences. What a thrill to find your site. I just hum a tune, use the up, down, repeat letters and... like magic the title is found. You are a genius. I will never be stumped for a title again. Thanks so much, John

Other successes i've heard of are: 2 Youtube movies being identified, a nameless bww file and mp3's