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List Tunes

List of tunes :: Moidart Collection - Alan MacDonald

Aka: The First Hundred/A Cheud Ceud

Tunename (show alternative names) Page Tunetype Parts Signature Composer Notes
An Drochaid Chliüteach 29Reel22/2Trad
An Eala Bhàn 48Slow Air12/4Trad
An Mhaighdean Mhara 50Slow Air1-Trad
Ar Eireann NI ‘Neósainn Ce HI 45Slow Air2-Trad
Archie Kenneth 36Reel42/2Allan MacDonald
Bàrr nan Tonn 23Reel02/2Allan MacDonald
Better Lose than Surrender 14March24/4Allan MacDonald
Bonnie Isle of Whalsay 26Reel22/2Trad
Bowmore Reel 37Reel22/2Trad
Buntàta’s Sgadan 18Reel22/2Allan MacDonald
Buntàta’s Sgadan 16Strathspey2CAllan MacDonald
Calliope House 41Jig26/8D. L. Richardson
Camus Croise 6March42/4Allan MacDonald / Graeme MacKenzie
Caolas a Bhogadain 35Reel42/2Dr. Angus MacDonald
Ceann Loch An Düin 50Slow Air16/8Trad
Ceapaval 34Reel22/2Trad
Cha tig Mór mo Bhean Dhachaidh 49Slow Air23/4Trad
Chase The Train 21Reel22/2Allan MacDonald
Chur I ‘Glàin Air a Bhodach 15Strathspey2CAllan MacDonald
Ciamar a tha thu? 13March46/8Allan MacDonald
Cion a’ Bhuntàta 10March26/8N. MacLean
Cliffs of Doneen 47Slow Air16/8Trad
Clisham 37Reel22/2Trad
Congress 26Reel22/2Trad
Crann Tara 16Strathspey4CAllan MacDonald
Da Bride is a Bonnie Thing 51Slow Air26/8Trad
Dannsa na Nèapaig 19Reel22/2Trad
De’n t-Ainm a Th’Air? 40Jig46/8Allan MacDonald
Dinkys 20Reel22/2Trad
Dowd’s Reel 37Reel22/2Trad
Drum Major Geordie Moulding 44Jig49/8PM Angus MacDonald
Duncan Henderson, Newton 2March42/4Allan MacDonald
Earl of Errol 7March22/4Trad
Easy Club 34Reel22/2Jim Sutherland Arr. Allan MacDonald
Fag a Phiob Bhochd 56Hornpipe22/4Allan MacDonald
Farewell My Love 48Slow Air23/4R. MacMillan
Féis Bharraidh 12March46/8Allan MacDonald
Foxhunter's 56Hornpipe42/4Trad
Gravel Walks 22Reel22/2Trad
Green Groves of Erin 30Reel22/2Trad
Honeymoon, The 14March49/8Allan MacDonald
House in St. Peters 46Slow Air23/4Iain MacDonald
If I Get a Bonnie Lass 31Reel22/2Trad
In and out the Harbour 34Reel22/2Trad
Jenny Tied the Bonnet Tight 22Reel22/2Trad
Johnny MacKinnon, Arasaig 3March42/4Allan MacDonald
Lament for Roderick MacDonald 57Piobaireachd0-Allan MacDonald
Last Rose of Summer 46Slow Air13/4Trad
Lorient Macalish, The 4March42/4Allan MacDonald
MacKenna’s Jig 43Jig26/8Trad
Mal Na Mara 10March14/4M. MacFarlane
Maol Dônaidh 44Jig26/8Trad
McFadden’s Reel 31Reel22/2Trad
Merry Boys of Greenland 31Reel22/2Trad
Mhic A Whaler, Cuidich Mi 18Reel22/2N. MacLean
Mi Le m’Uilinn Air Mo Ghlüin 50Slow Air16/8M. MacFarlane
Millifiach 11March46/8Allan MacDonald
Miss MacLellan of Tigh a Ghearraidh 49Slow Air26/8Iain Campbell
Morag Leat Shiübhlainn 8March23/4M. MacFarlane
Mrs MacDonald, Glenuig 1March42/4Allan MacDonald
Mrs Martha Knowles 27Reel42/2Phil Cunningham
My Home Town 7March23/4John MacLennan
Na Garbh ChrIochan 15Strathspey4CAllan MacDonald
Na Goisidich 32Reel22/2Trad
Och is Duine Truagh Mi 23Reel22/2Trad
Oot B’Est Da Vong 21Reel22/2Trad
Oran Arasaig 52Slow Air16/8Trad
Oran Cogaidh 10March14/4M. MacFarlane
Oran Eirisgeidh 45Slow Air12/4D. MacDonald
Oran MOr MhicLebid 51Slow Air16/8Trad
Pipe Major Angus MacDonald 8March23/4Allan MacDonald
Pipe Major Jim Christie of Wick 5March42/4Addie Harper
Pitnacree Ferryman 28Reel22/2Trad
Quirang Quickstep 19Reel22/2Trad
Rip The Calico 21Reel22/2Trad
Rocking the Baby 41Jig26/8Trad
Ruidhleadh Cailleach 32Reel22/2Trad
Sabhal Mór Ostaig 17Strathspey4CAllan MacDonald
Screapadal Schottishe 19Reel22/2Trad
Shores of Lough Leane 9March13/4Allan MacDonald
Silver Spire 25Reel22/2Trad
Sonny’s Mazurka 55Mazurka33/4Trad
Stronachullin 52Slow Air23/4Archie Kenneth
Swallow’s Tail 30Reel22/2Trad
Tar the House 33Reel42/2Allan MacDonald
The Boys of Ballymote 43Jig26/8Trad
The Champagne Breakfast 25Reel22/2Allan MacDonald
The Coldar Sniob and the Dubh Ràmh 42Jig46/8Allan MacDonald
The Handshaker 39Jig46/8Allan MacDonald
The Plagiarists Reel 25Reel22/2Allan MacDonald
The Silver Spear 20Reel22/2Trad
The Successful lover 24Reel42/2Allan MacDonald
The Travers 38Reel22/2Trad
The Travers 38Jig26/8Trad
The Youngest Daughter 28Reel22/2Trad
Tommy Hunt’s Jig 55Jig23/4Trad
Tugainn Leamsa’s Dean Cabhaig 46Slow Air13/4Trad
Unst Bridal March 47Slow Air23/4Trad
Viennese Waltz 53Waltz63/4Arr. Allan MacDonald
Woman of the House 29Reel22/2Trad

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OMG, you don't know how long I have been waiting for a search engine to find tunes in my head. I thought about creating some kind of dictionary based on theme notes, or searching through bww files for sequences. What a thrill to find your site. I just hum a tune, use the up, down, repeat letters and... like magic the title is found. You are a genius. I will never be stumped for a title again. Thanks so much, John

Other successes i've heard of are: 2 Youtube movies being identified, a nameless bww file and mp3's