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List Tunes

List of tunes :: Minard Castle Collection of Pipe Music (G.M. McIntyre)

Tunename (show alternative names) Page Tunetype Parts Signature Composer Notes
Andrew McKay HornpipeG.M. McIntyre
Archie McArthur HornpipeG.M. McIntyre
Bobby Anderson HornpipeG.M. McIntyre
Hazel Thompson HornpipeG.M. McIntyre
Lucy Cassidy HornpipeG.M. McIntyre
Round the Mull HornpipeG.M. McIntyre
Sarah McRoberts HornpipeG.M. McIntyre
Una McIntyre HornpipeG.M. McIntyre
Wrong Wedding HornpipeG.M. McIntyre
Alex Miller JigG.M. McIntyre
Archie McLellan JigG.M. McIntyre
Cheeper The JigG.M. McIntyre
Chestnut Tree JigG.M. McIntyre
Donald Beaton JigG.M. McIntyre
Isobel McLean JigG.M. McIntyre
Jean McLean JigG.M. McIntyre
John Barker JigG.M. McIntyre
Johnnie Jump Up JigG.M. McIntyre
McCartneys Horse Trough JigG.M. McIntyre
Milldam Midges JigG.M. McIntyre
P/M Tom O'Rourke JigG.M. McIntyre
Robert Byrne JigG.M. McIntyre
Simplicity JigG.M. McIntyre
Three Wee Crows JigG.M. McIntyre
Andy Warnock MarchG.M. McIntyre
Archie McMillan MarchG.M. McIntyre
Bob McDonald MarchG.M. McIntyre
Clan McSporran MarchG.M. McIntyre
Col. P.F.F. Gladwin-Minard MarchG.M. McIntyre
David McPhee MarchG.M. McIntyre
Dermot O'Rourke MarchG.M. McIntyre
Donald Cambell MarchG.M. McIntyre
Donald Gilchrist MarchG.M. McIntyre
Dr. Iain Michie MarchG.M. McIntyre
Glenlussa MarchG.M. McIntyre
Librarian MarchG.M. McIntyre
Loch Gair MarchG.M. McIntyre
Loch Ruan MarchG.M. McIntyre
Lt. Co. Gayre- Baron of Lochore MarchG.M. McIntyre
Madam Gayre-Baroness of Lochore MarchG.M. McIntyre
Minard Bay MarchG.M. McIntyre
Minard Castle MarchG.M. McIntyre
Mull of Oa MarchG.M. McIntyre
P/M R. Stewart MarchG.M. McIntyre
Per Ardua MarchG.M. McIntyre
Willie Crawford MarchG.M. McIntyre
Angus MacIntyre ReelG.M. McIntyre
Bugler ReelG.M. McIntyre
Donald MacEachran ReelG.M. McIntyre
Dora Watt ReelG.M. McIntyre
J.W. Benson ReelG.M. McIntyre
P/M A.W. Wilson ReelG.M. McIntyre
P/M R. MacCallum M.B.E. ReelG.M. McIntyre
Sheena Cameron ReelG.M. McIntyre

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( Henri Aanstoot )

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OMG, you don't know how long I have been waiting for a search engine to find tunes in my head. I thought about creating some kind of dictionary based on theme notes, or searching through bww files for sequences. What a thrill to find your site. I just hum a tune, use the up, down, repeat letters and... like magic the title is found. You are a genius. I will never be stumped for a title again. Thanks so much, John

Other successes i've heard of are: 2 Youtube movies being identified, a nameless bww file and mp3's