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List Tunes

List of tunes :: Kintyre Collection (Springbank Distillery)

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Tunename (show alternative names) Page Tunetype Parts Signature Composer Notes
George M McIntyre 76Hornpipe
Lucy Cassidy 75Hornpipe
Springbank Hornpipe, The 74Hornpipe
Doon the Rocky Burn 73Hornpipe
Wright Blend, The 72Hornpipe
Nan Blair 71Hornpipe
Claonaig Ferry 70Hornpipe
Charlie Greenwood 69Hornpipe
Ship Ahoy 68Hornpipe
Mopoon 67Hornpipe
Borax 66Hornpipe
Glasgow Skye Polka, The 65Polka
Beech Tree, The 65Polka
Don Mackie's Welcome Home 64Hornpipe
Isobel's Dumpling 63Hornpipe
Spindrift 62Hornpipe
Jurker, The 61Hornpipe
Chrissie Reid 60Jig
Road to Kintyre, The 59Jig
Iona's Jig 58Jig
Miss Hannah Morris 57Jig
Nutty Broon 56Jig
Mull of Kintyre, The 55Jig
Shearer's Jig 54Jig
Cara Duncan 53Jig
Bowen's Return 53Jig
Barbers Shop, The 52Jig
Nancy's Reel 51Reel
Marlor 50Reel
Gigha Ferry, The 49Strathspey
Mrs Margaret MacKenzie 48Strathspey
Campbeltown Kiltie Ball, The 47Strathspey
Archie Duncan 47Strathspey
Wedding Waltz for Marjorie Lyn, A 46Slow Air
Elizabeth's Song 46Lullaby
Iain Ruaidh's Lament 45
Two Ronnie's Maggie's 45Slow Air
Achnamara 44Slow Air
Kilkerran 44Slow Air
Kathleen MacDonald 43Slow Air
Glenside 43Slow Air
Salute to David Morrison Tait 41Piobaireachd
Salute the Soldier 39Piobaireachd
Raiders, The 38
Joe L Brown 37March
Pipe Major William Wilson (Campbeltown) 36March
Tony Mor 35March
First 25, The 34Retreat
McLachlan's March 33Retreat
Young Hamish 33Retreat
Brigadier M R J Hope Thomson, DSO,OBE, MC 32Retreat
Brigadier Miles Marston MC 31Retreat
Hugh McCallum 30Retreat
Silver Jubilee, The 30Retreat
Ronald McShannon 29Retreat
Men from Dalintober, The 29Retreat
Archie McKinley 28Retreat
Itís Scotland for me 28Retreat
Charlie McMillan 27Retreat
Dhorlin, The 27Retreat
Maltman, The 26March
Braes of Scotland, The 25March
Hamish Colville 24March
MacNeal's of Ugadale, The 23March
Pipe Major John MacKenzie 22March
Bengullion 21March
Don MacLean 20March
Pipe Major Ronnie McCallum (ambeltown) 19March
Burnbank 18March
Tug Argan Gap 17March
Alijayne 16March
Highland Brigade Depot, The 15March
Hazelrun 14March
Campbeltown Loch 13March
Lt Col A Scott Elliot 12March
Margaret C Hay 11March
Catherine Davidson's March 10March
Keira MacLean 9March
Boy's Brigade Centenary 1983, The 8March
Loch Ruan 7March
Scott's Wedding 7March
Welcome to Grogport 6March
Alaster Hutcheon's March 6March
Torrisdale 5March
Innean Bay 5March
Badden Boys, The 4March
Hills of Argyll 4March
Kilchousland 3March
Mrs Lily Martin of Gigha 3March
Freedom's Field 2March
Armstrong's Welcome 1March
Springbank 1March

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( Henri Aanstoot )

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OMG, you don't know how long I have been waiting for a search engine to find tunes in my head. I thought about creating some kind of dictionary based on theme notes, or searching through bww files for sequences. What a thrill to find your site. I just hum a tune, use the up, down, repeat letters and... like magic the title is found. You are a genius. I will never be stumped for a title again. Thanks so much, John

Other successes i've heard of are: 2 Youtube movies being identified, a nameless bww file and mp3's