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List Tunes

List of tunes :: James Wark "Molly Connell and Other Tunes"

ISBN: 1-872754-05-8

Tunename (show alternative names) Page Tunetype Parts Signature Composer Notes
Alasdair Moffat
Alisdair Ross March
Allander (Retreat) March
Andrew K Sloan March
Angus Campbell of Carradale March
Angus MacLellan Reel
Annie Grant Strathspey
Atholl Forest Slow Air
Bob McDowall's Mouse Jig
Boxer March
Cameron Shedden March
Captain Alex. M. Fraser Hornpipe
Chieftain's Reel Reel
Claire Wilson March
Colonel Connell March
Connie Wilson Jig
Donaldson's Tuning Phrase Jig
Eleanor MacAleer Jig
Far Islands Slow Air
Flying Scotsman Jig
Freddie Russell March
Glasgow-Jura Association March
Halkirk Highland Games March
Harry MacAleer's Favourite Hornpipe
Heather Connell Reel
Helen Young Strathspey
Ian McLellan Jig
Island Song Slow Air
James MacLean of Eochar March
Jim Semple's Dilemma March
John Winter's Tuning Phrase Jig
Lady Carroll Strathspey
Lament for 'The Fair Maid of the Seas'. Slow Air
Leslie Sharp Q.P.M. LL.B. March
Letitia Donaldson's Wedding March March
Mary Thomson Strathspey
May McLellan Strathspey
Molly Connell Strathspey
Mrs. Helen Strickland March
Mrs. May MacDonald March
Murdo MacDonald March
Nancy's Hornpipe Hornpipe
Nanny the Mazer Jig
No Name March
Old Angus's Dream. Lullaby
Pipe Major Iain Morrison Jig
Pipe Major Ian McLellan's Farewell To the Strathclyde Police March
Pipe Major John Savage March
Pipe Major Tommy Geddes March
Pipe Major William Wilson, Campbeltown March
Pipe Major Willie Kinnear Waltz
Rachel Shaw (Marchpipe) March
Robert Armstrong Memorial Pipe Band March
Rounding the 'O' Hornpipe
Royal Ulster Constabulary Pipe Band March
Sandra Kirkwood Reel
Sheila McMurchy's Dance Reel
Sid Spence's Jig Jig
Sinclair Curdie's Keyboard Jig
St. Barchan March
Thomson's Ball Jig
Three In A Bar (Reelpipe) Reel
Three Sheets In the Wind.
Toye's Hornpipe. Hornpipe
Twist of Fate. Jig
Verna MacAleer March
Wee Barra. March
Willie Darroch's Reel. Reel

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OMG, you don't know how long I have been waiting for a search engine to find tunes in my head. I thought about creating some kind of dictionary based on theme notes, or searching through bww files for sequences. What a thrill to find your site. I just hum a tune, use the up, down, repeat letters and... like magic the title is found. You are a genius. I will never be stumped for a title again. Thanks so much, John

Other successes i've heard of are: 2 Youtube movies being identified, a nameless bww file and mp3's