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List of tunes :: Irish Tunes for Scot. and Irish War Pipes (W. Walsh)

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Irish Tunes for Scottish & Irish War Pipes (W. Walsh)
(no date)
Mozart Allan

Tunename (show alternative names) Page Tunetype Parts Signature Composer Notes
All the way to Galway 40March2/4
An Cailin deas donn
AKA: The Pretty Brown Girl
An Giolla Ruadh
AKA: The red haired boy / Gilderoy
Bean a tighe air tar
AKA: The woman of the hous in the centre
Big Dan O'Mahony
AKA: Fingal's Weeping
Billy Barlow 27Jig6/8
Black Bear, The 44Hornpipe2/4Arranged as Qui...
Black eyed Biddy
AKA: John Campbell of the Bank / The Linlithgow March / The Rock and a wee pickle Tow
Black Haired Lass, The 4Reel24/4
Blind Billy 51Jig9/8
Boys of Mullingar, The 196/8
Brian Boru's Jig 8Jig6/8
Brian Boru's March 32March6/8
Butchers' March 26March06/8
AKA: The Cumberland Crew
Caileach a Thuishe
AKA: The Hag in the Blanket
Cameronian Rant, The 9Reel04/4Irish Version...
Cealleachin Fionn
AKA: Little Kelly the Fair Haired
5Air26/8An old Connemar...
Cock and Hen, The 48Jig9/8
Condon's Frolics 26Jig6/8Jig or Quickste...
Costla Bay
AKA: Galway Bay
County Down 8Jig6/8Jig or Quickste...
Cummalum 41Jig9/8
Dan Roger's Favourite Jig 6Jig212/8
Dandy Denny Cronin 20Reel04/4
Deoc an Doruis
AKA: The parting glass
Devil in Dublin, The 12Jig6/8
Domnall na Greine
AKA: Thady you gander
34Jig06/8Donald of the S...
Enniskillen Dragoon, The 43Air2/41st Setting...
Enniskillen Dragoon, The 45Air2/42nd Setting...
Eviction, The 38Jig6/8
Failte do'n Piobaire
AKA: Welcome to the piper
Fainne Geal an Lae
AKA: The Dawning of the day
1Slow Air12/4
Farrell's Pipes 51Jig6/8
Fasten the leg in her 27Jig6/8
Fear an Marsad
AKA: The Marketman
First of May, The 57Hornpipe04/4
Fisherman's Frolic, The
AKA: Argyll is my name
Flowing Bowl, The 20Reel04/4
Fox Hunter, The 40Slip Jig9/8
Free and easy 55Jig6/8
Gallant Tipperary Boys, The 17March6/8
Gallowglass, The 21Jig06/8Niel Gow's Lame...
Garry Owen 24Jig6/8Jig or Quickste...
Gillespie's Hornpipe 222/4
Girl from Ireland, The 25Jig9/8
God save Ireland 5704/4
Golden Wreath, The 37Hornpipe04/4
Gramachree Molly 15Slow Air04/4
Grandfather's Pet 246/8
Green Garter, The 14Reel04/4
Green Linnet, The 20Reel04/4
Helen O'Grady 33Jig9/8
Highway to Dublin, The 10Jig6/8
Holland is a fine place 3104/4
Home Rule Jig, The 11Jig6/8
How much has she got? 4Jig26/8
Huish the Cat 25Jig6/8Jig or Quickste...
Humours of Tralibane, The 626/8
Irish Nation, The 1Air24/4
Irishman's Joy, The 52Jig9/8
Ivy Leaf, The 56Reel04/4
James O' Neill's Quickstep 196/8
Jimmy's Return
AKA: Dunrobin Castle
John Roy Stewart 16Reel04/4Irish Version...
Johnny the Jumper 18Jig6/8
Keltan's Reel 54Reel2/4
Kiss me Sweetheart 326/8
Kitty Quinn 286/8
Knee Buckle, The 18Jig6/8
Land League, The 22Jig6/8
Larry Grogan 9Jig6/8
Last Rose of Summer, The 29Air03/41st Setting Pl...
Last Rose of Summer, The 29Air03/42nd Setting Pl...
Linen Cap, The 43Reel04/4
Little House under the Hill, The 37Jig12/8
Maid at the Fair, The 506/8
Maid on the Green, The 12Jig6/8
Maidin Amarac
AKA: To-morrow Morning
McDonnell's Rant 30Jig9/8
Merry Harriers, The
AKA: The Cup of Tea
Merry Making, The 51Jig9/8
Merry Soldier, The 34Hornpipe04/4
Mickey by the Fireside 21Reel04/4
Miller's Daughter, The 49Reel04/4
Minstel Boy, The 26Air04/4
Miss Kelly's Reel 17Reel04/4
Miss Mary Walsh's Favourite 48Reel04/4
Morgan Rattler, The 11Jig6/8
Morning Fair 39Hornpipe2/4
Mountaineers' March, The 18March6/8
Mrs. MacLeod of Raasay 36Reel04/4Irish Version...
My Lodging is on the cold, cold ground 53Slow Air6/8
Mysteries of Knock, The 14Jig6/8
Nell Flaherty's Drake 7Jig6/8Jig or Quickste...
Night Cap, The 286/81st Setting...
Night Cap, The 286/82nd Setting...
Norin ni Cullinan
AKA: Little Nora Cullinan
O'Farrell's welcome to Limerick 45Jig9/8
Oft in the stilly night 50Air2/4
Oh, Dear what can the matter be 276/8
Old Hag in the Corner, The 54Jig6/8
One before we go 3March26/8
Paddy Carey 13Jig6/8Jig or Quickste...
Paddy O'Rafferty 42Jig6/8
Paddy Whack 8Jig6/8
Paddy's Farewell to America 12Jig6/8
Paddy's trip to Dublin 52Jig6/8
Peeler and the Goat, The 106/8
Piob Adarc an mairnealais
AKA: The Sailor's Hornpipe
Priest in his boots, The 53Jig6/8
Rakes of Irishmen, The
AKA: The Ranting Rake
Rakes of Mallow, The 232/4Sir Chas. Forbes.Quickstep...
Ramblers' Rest, The
AKA: Tie the bonnet
Red Fox, The 35Slow Air04/4
Riding a mile 50Jig9/8
Rivals, The 396/8Quickstep...
Rocky Road to Dublin, The 3Jig39/81st setting...
Rocky Road to Dublin, The 35Jig9/82nd setting...
Rory O' More 7Jig6/8
Rushy Mountain, The 302/4
Saddle the Pony 13Jig6/8
Scatter the Mud 5Jig26/8
Seo Slainte do'n Piobaire
AKA: Here is good health to the piper
23Jig09/8The piper's mag...
AKA: Brian O'Lynn
Skin the Peeler 22Jig6/8
Skiver the Quilt 11Jig6/8
Soldier's Joy, The 5Hornpipe24/4
Spirits of Whisky, The 16Jig6/81st tune...
Spirits of Whisky, The 44Jig6/82nd Tune...
Sporting Boys, The 29Jig6/8
Steam Boat, The 13Jig6/8
Templehouse Reel, The 6Reel24/4
Thatcher, The 17Jig6/8
Three little drummers, The
AKA: The Tenpenny Bit
Tinker's Reel, The 46Reel04/4
Tumilin O'Counichan
AKA: Brian O'Duff's Lament
56Slow Air04/4
Wasn't she fond of me 21Jig6/8Jig or Quickste...
We'll all take the Coach and trip it away 38Jig6/8
Wearing of the Green The 9Slow Air04/4
When Johnny comes marching home 496/8
Will you come home with me 14Jig6/8Jig or Quickste...
Yorkshire Bite, The 10Reel2/4

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