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List Tunes

List of tunes :: Hugh Macpherson - Pipers of the Canadian Regular Army(1950-2000)

Tunename (show alternative names) Page Tunetype Parts Signature Composer Notes
Alex Miller's Strathspey 88Strathspey24/4Macpherson,Hugh
Alexander MacKenzie 72Slow March26/8Carrigan,Donald
Allan Quinn 2March29/8Gilmour,William
Barbara Reyelts 5March26/8Macpherson,Hugh
Brigadier General C.L.Kirby's Farewell 20March46/8Stirling,William
Cambrai 31March26/8Patterson,James A.
Canadian Heroes(The Dieppe Raiders) 12March26/8Macpherson,Hugh
Canon Fairlie 66March24/4Macpherson,Hugh
Captain Donald Carrigan 28March46/8Alderman,Fred
Captain Ian MacKinnon's Wedding March 24March46/8Alderman,Fred
Changing the Guard 78Slow March26/8Macpherson,Hugh
Colonel Strome Galloway 59March22/4Stirling,William
Damascus Runaround,The 43March23/4Macpherson,Hugh
Doctor George A.Fraser 86Slow Air26/8Macpherson,Hugh
Donald Reekie 8March46/8McIntyre,David
Down the Shirley Road Again 58March22/4Macpherson,Hugh
Drum Major J.F.(Lofty) MacMillan 22March46/8Patterson,James A.
Flora MacLennan's Favourite 110Reel42/2Cairns,Major Archie
Flowers of the Forest,The 82Lament36/8Trad.(arr.Macpherson,Hugh)
Fourth Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group 44March23/4Huggan,John
Fraser Clark 119Hornpipe22/4Macpherson,Hugh
General John de Chastelain CMM,CD 104Jig46/8Cairns,Major Archie
Green Line Blues,The 35March24/4Macpherson,Hugh
Harrison Anniversary March,The 40March33/4Gilmour,William
HMCS Sackville 106Hornpipe42/4Carrigan,Donald
Ian Willard 94Strathspey44/4Macpherson,Hugh
James A. Patterson 92Strathspey44/4Macpherson,Hugh
La Nueva Hacienda 71Waltz23/4Macpherson,Hugh
Lieutenant Colonel 'Scotty' Morrison 6March46/8Carrigan,Donald
Lieutenant Colonel A.S.A.Galloway 42March23/4Hill,Ronald
Lieutenant Colonel Alen Clarke's Hornpipe 102Hornpipe22/4Macpherson,Hugh
Lieutenant Colonel Alex Miller's Farewell 19March26/8Macpherson,Hugh
Lieutenant Colonel D.B.Ells Farewell to 3RCR 16March46/8Stirling,William
Lieutenant Colonel G.R.Cheriton 27March36/8Stirling,William
Lieutenant Colonel Harry Harkes MC,CD 62March42/4Gilmour,William
Lieutenant Colonel Ian S.Fraser 52March42/4McIntyre,David
Lieutenant Colonel James Skinner of Armstrong 50March42/4Macpherson,Hugh
Lieutenant Colonel W.H.Seamark 56March42/4Magennis,William
Lieutenant General W.A.B.Anderson 64March42/4Stirling,William
MacPherson's Lament 80Slow Air24/4Trad.(arr.MacKinnon,Ian&Macpherson.Hugh)
Maggie the Kilt Maker 4March212/8Macpherson,Hugh
Major General D.P.Wrightman's Farewell to CFE 60March42/4Langille,John
Major I.C.Douglas 70March32/4Stirling,William
Medak Pocket,The 13March26/8Macpherson,Hugh
Mermaid's Jig,The 114Jig46/8Trad.(arr.Cairns,Major Archie
Miss Vanessa Jayne Elizabeth Wrighte 54March42/4Wrighte,Jock
Moro River Crossing,The 84Slow March26/8Macpherson,Hugh
Mrs. Joy Cairns 85Slow March26/8Cairns,Major Archie
Netta Buchanan 26March26/8Hill,Ronald
Never Pass A Fault 120Reel22/2Macpherson,Hugh
Niagara Herald(Heraldist R.Gordon Macpherson of Burlington) 30March26/8Macpherson,Hugh
No More to Return 79Lament26/8Cairns,Major Archie
No Room at the Top 118Reel42/2Gilmour,William
North Saskatchewan Regiment,The 36March24/4Macpherson,Hugh
Pete's Pastime 14March46/8Hogg,Peter
Pint at the Royal Mile Pub,A 89Strathspey24/4Macpherson,Hugh
Pipe Major Donald Carrigan 99Reel22/4Macpherson,Hugh
Pipe Major Gordon Webster 113Reel22/2Macpherson,Hugh
Pipe Major William Gilmour 96Strathspey24/4Macpherson,Hugh
Pipe Sergeant Andrew Moore CD 103Reel22/2Macpherson,Hugh
Piper Mary 108Hornpipe22/4Macpherson,Hugh
Prime Minister's March,The 18March26/8Macpherson,Hugh
Prince Edward Island 38March44/4Cairns,Major Archie
Roderick Ross 32March28/4Cairns,Major Archie
Saint Barbara's Day 46March42/4Macpherson,Hugh
Salute to Canada's Queen Mother 45March22/4Gilmour,William
Salute to Excellence 37March24/4Hogg,Peter
Salute to the Colonel of the Regiment 48March42/4Stirling,William
Sergeant's Reel,The 109Reel42/2Macpherson,Hugh
Sharron's Reel 112Reel42/2Patterson,James A.
Sharron's Strathspey 87Strathspey44/4Patterson,James A.
Sheila's Fancy 34March34/4Gilmour,William
Ship Hector,The 68March42/4Carrigan,Donald
Smokey VC(Sgt Ernest Alvia Smith VC,CM,CD) 1March212/8Macpherson,Hugh
Soldier's Lament,A 76Lament42/4Gilmour,William
Stone Frigate,The 116Reel22/2Carrigan,Donald
Susan Macpherson 97Strathspey24/4Macpherson,Hugh
Syncopation 100Jig46/8Cairns,Major Archie
Tattoo Artist,The 117Hornpipe22/4Macpherson,Hugh
Trevor Paquin 93Strathspey44/4Macpherson,Hugh
Verrieres Ridge 98Strathspey24/4Macpherson,Hugh
Victoria's Graduation Dance 74Waltz26/4Macpherson,Hugh
Wee 'Callan 90Strathspey44/4Wrighte,Jock
Wendy McArthur Finan's Waltz 73Waltz26/8Macpherson,Hugh
Willie MacNilly 10March56/8Fraser,Dr.George A.

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OMG, you don't know how long I have been waiting for a search engine to find tunes in my head. I thought about creating some kind of dictionary based on theme notes, or searching through bww files for sequences. What a thrill to find your site. I just hum a tune, use the up, down, repeat letters and... like magic the title is found. You are a genius. I will never be stumped for a title again. Thanks so much, John

Other successes i've heard of are: 2 Youtube movies being identified, a nameless bww file and mp3's