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List Tunes

List of tunes :: Ann Gray - Bk1 Ann Gray's Collection

Tunename (show alternative names) Page Tunetype Parts Signature Composer Notes
#7 Clyde View 25Strathspey44/4Wiens,Heather
Al MacDonald's Practice Table 9March46/8Toohey,John
Allan John MacNeil 13March46/8MacNeil,Stuart
Ann Gray 56Hornpipe42/4Worrall,Bob
B.C. Pipers' Annual Gathering 1986 44Jig46/8MacDonald,Iain
Bannigan Rant,The 45Jig26/8Magee,Colin
Boo Baby's Lullaby 37Waltz26/8Holland,Jerry
Boys of 101,The 11March46/8Gray,Ann
Brewers of Mossy Bank,The 36Air26/8Clarke,Kendal
Brigantine Boys,The 34Reel42/2Glendinning,Charles
Broadview Burglar,The 46Jig46/8Gray,Ann
Bruce Babcock's Revenge 47Jig46/8Whitty,Robyn
C.L.S. Aircraft Laundry 28Reel62/2Diessner,Dan
Canadian Flying Wedge,The 57Hornpipe42/4MacNeil,Stuart
Captain Celtic & The Teamsters 58Hornpipe42/4Gray,Ann
Captain Wawa 59Hornpipe42/4Toohey,John
Chuckanut 8March22/4Tomasetti,Mark
City of Victoria Pipe Band's March Through the Cow Pies 3March42/4Barrick,Rob
Convoy to Oban,The 50Jig46/8Gray,Ann
Dave Kirk's Gibsons 60Hornpipe42/4Gray,Ann
David Gillespie 18March29/8Chisholm,Kim
Dirty Little Harry 35Reel23/2Gray,Ann
Fabotcha Gotta 32Reel22/2Spears,Cynthia
Fair Haired Lad,The 51Jig46/8Trad.(arr.and Parts 3&4Gillies,Alasdair)
Farewell to Erin 61Hornpipe42/4Trad.(arr.Gillies,Alasdair)
Fitzsimmon's Valley 30Reel42/2MacDonald,Iain
Flight from Hell 64Hornpipe42/4Chisholm,Kim
Fraser Lloyd 23Strathspey24/4Gray,Ann
Go to Hell 48Jig46/8Gray,Ann
Hector the Hero 38Air26/8Skinner,J.Scott(arr.Gray,Ann)
Hector the Hero(Harmony) 39Air26/8Arr.Gray,Ann
House Hunting 33Reel22/2Holland,Jerry
Irvines of Drum,The 4March42/4Magee,Colin
James Cameron 2March42/4Holland,Jerry(Gray,Anne Parts3&4)
Jason Hounsell 31Reel22/2Whitty,Robyn
Jeff Brewer of Portland 20March23/4Gray,Ann
Jeff MacDonald 32Reel22/2Neelands,Frank
Joyce MacFarlane 5March42/4Hamilton,Chris
Judy Morrison Ph.D. 1March42/4Gray,Ann
Katrina's Jig 43Jig36/8MacNeil,Stuart
Kelvinhaugh Street Spirits 54Jig49/8Gray,Ann
Kim's Glenisla Debut 31Reel22/2Gray,Ann
Kirby Sisters,The 27Reel42/2Hamilton,Chris
Kiss Her and Clap Her 45JIg26/8Trad.(arr.Neelands,F&J)
Kit's Reel 33Reel22/2Glendinning,Charles
MacAllan March,The 6March42/4Gillies,Alasdair
MacKenzie Hall Loft,The 65Hornpipe42/4Gray,Ann
Maestro & the Minions,The 42Waltz26/8Worrall,Bob
Malcolm Angus MacLeod 7March42/4MacDonald,Ryan
Margaret Duncan 24Strathspey24/4Trad.
Memphis Rendez-Vous,The 35Reel23/2Gray,Ann
Mermaid,The 36Air26/8Trad.(arr.Gray,Ann)
Miss Patricia Robertson 16March412/8Laws,David
Moose,The 55Hornpipe22/4Gray,Ann
Muckle'd Up 12March26/8Keith,Sandy
My Daughter's Hand 26Strathspey24/4Neelands,Frank
Order of the Low Flier,The 49Jig46/8Gray,Ann
Pipe Major Ian Whitelaw 10March26/8Somers,Sean
Pipe Major Rob Laing 21Strathspey44/4Gray,Ann
Pipe Major William Ramsay of Winnipeg 20March24/4Wiens,Heather
Prairie Dreams 40Air212/8MacDonald,Iain
Ramsay Man,The 62Hornpipe42/4Gray,Ann
Renfrew Rose,The 17March212/8Magee,Colin
Robinsons of Twin Ponds,The 19March29/8Gray,Ann
Robyn Emily Gray 63Hornpipe42/4Gray,Ann
Rose Among The Heather,The 22Strathspey44/4Trad.(2nd Part Brewer,Jeff)
Sad am I to be in Ireland 41Air23/4Trad.(arr.Gillies,Alasdair)
Sailing Solo on the Minnow 42Waltz26/8Gray,Ann
Seogan 14March46/8MacDonald,Ryan
Seven Rebels,The 66Hornpipe42/4Gray,Ann
Shouting at Magpies 67Hornpipe42/4Gray,Ann
South to Turner Valley 19March29/8Gray,Ann
Starcraft Trip to Glencoe,The 52Jig46/8Gray,Ann
Stitch by Stitch 68Hornpipe42/4Gillies,Alasdair
T. Allan Doe 69Hornpipe42/4Gray,Ann
Tartan Teddy 23Strathspey24/4Whitty,Robyn
Times Past but Not Forgotten 41Air26/8Chisholm,Kim
Torrin Connor Kelly 15March46/8MacKenzie,Colin
Twist in the Tale,A 70Hornpipe42/4Gray,Ann
What of the Who?,The 53Jig46/8Merry,Shonagh
Whisky Hunter,The 71Hornpipe42/4Clarke,Kendal
White Balloons & Black Leather 54Jig49/8Gray,Ann

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OMG, you don't know how long I have been waiting for a search engine to find tunes in my head. I thought about creating some kind of dictionary based on theme notes, or searching through bww files for sequences. What a thrill to find your site. I just hum a tune, use the up, down, repeat letters and... like magic the title is found. You are a genius. I will never be stumped for a title again. Thanks so much, John

Other successes i've heard of are: 2 Youtube movies being identified, a nameless bww file and mp3's