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List Tunes

List of tunes :: Gordon Duncan's Tunes

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compiled and produced by his brother, Ian Duncan

Tunename (show alternative names) Page Tunetype Parts Signature Composer Notes
98 Jig, The 26JigGordon Duncan
Alex's Haircut 18JigGordon Duncan
Andy Renwick's Ferret 38ReelGordon Duncannaturals...
Balnauld Cottage 10MarchGordon Duncan
Belly Dancer, The 34DanceGordon Duncan
Black Ribbon, The 57HornpipeGordon Duncan
Blow My Chanter 19JigGordon Duncan
Break Yer Bass Drone 37ReelGordon Duncan
Clueless 39ReelGordon Duncan
Davy Webster's 40th 40ReelGordon Duncan
Falcon Square 42ReelGordon Duncan
Famour Baravan, The 24JigGordon Duncan
Farewell to Halkirk 14MarchGordon Duncan
Fourth Floor, The 47ReelGordon Duncan
Gargoyles, The 60HornpipeGordon Duncan
Gathering, The 25JigGordon Duncan
Gladiator, The 16MarchGordon Duncan
High Drive, The 48ReelGordon Duncan
Ian Green of Greentrax 56HornpipeGordon Duncan
Jig O' Beer 20JigGordon Duncan
Jock Broon's 70th 58HornpipeGordon Duncan
Just for Seamus 43ReelGordon Duncan
More Brandy 22JigGordon Duncan
Mr & Mrs J. Duncan 8MarchGordon Duncan
Mr & Mrs J. Duncan's Golden Wedding 2000 55HornpipeGordon Duncan
Nae Door Pibroch 31PiobGordon Duncan
Panda, The 29JigGordon Duncan
Pitlochry High School Centenary, The 21JigGordon Duncan
PM Bill Hepburn 11MarchGordon Duncan
PM Sandy Spence 12MarchGordon Duncanwith Harmonies...
Pressed for Time 44ReelGordon Duncan
Ramnee Ceilidh, The 45ReelGordon Duncan
Roll out the Snake 23JigGordon Duncan
Rory Gallagher 24JigGordon Duncan
Sir James of the Old Port 17MarchGordon Duncan
Sleeping Tune, The 36AirGordon Duncan
Soup Dragon, The 28JigGordon Duncan
Straloch Turkeys, The 61HornpipeGordon Duncan
Susan Lazell's 42ReelGordon Duncan
Tain in the Rain 46ReelGordon Duncan
Tartan Day 15MarchGordon Duncan
Thin Man, The 50ReelGordon Duncan
Trip to Modera 30JigGordon Duncan
Upside down in Eden Court 52ReelGordon Duncan
Yer a Kent 50ReelGordon DuncanGHB and Whistle...
Zeeto the Bubbleman 62HornpipeGordon Duncan

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OMG, you don't know how long I have been waiting for a search engine to find tunes in my head. I thought about creating some kind of dictionary based on theme notes, or searching through bww files for sequences. What a thrill to find your site. I just hum a tune, use the up, down, repeat letters and... like magic the title is found. You are a genius. I will never be stumped for a title again. Thanks so much, John

Other successes i've heard of are: 2 Youtube movies being identified, a nameless bww file and mp3's