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List Tunes

List of tunes :: Glendinning Collection

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Tunename (show alternative names) Page Tunetype Parts Signature Composer Notes
A Prelude 97piobaireachdu/kTradarranged by Cha...
Andrew's Lullabye 48Slow Air6/8Charlie Glendinning
Andy's Lullabye (Not really a Slow Air) 49Slow Air2/4Charlie Glendinning
Ashton 29March4/4Charlie Glendinning
BagDad 70Jig6/8Charlie Glendinning
BagDad '99 71Hornpipe2/4Michael Green
Balmoral Highlanders 3March2/4Angus Mckayarranged by R.U...
Betsey's Blue Bonnet 40Slow Air6/8Charlie Glendinning
Bicentennial 26March4/4Charlie Glendinning
Bron Mills 44Slow Air3/4Charlie Glendinning
Bulk Rate 77Hornpipe2/4Charlie Glendinning
Burnhead Farm 51Strathspey4/4Charlie Glendinning
Caber Feidh 59Reel4/4Trad5th and 6th par...
Capt. James Lamont 10March2/4Angus Mckayarranged by Cha...
Capt. John deuchar of Denny 15March2/4Charlie Glendinning
Carol and the Kidd 16March2/4Charlie Glendinning
Central Victoria Scottish Festival 36March6/8Michael Green
Charlie and Paula Glendinning 20March3/4Duncan Bell
Charlie Glendinning 35March6/8Tim Carey
Christmas Day in the Morning 88Christmas Tune4/4Tradarranged by Cha...
Christmas Waltz 45Slow Air6/8Charlie Glendinning
Christopher Glendinning 65Jig6/8Paul Ling and Michael Green
Craig-a-Bodich 52Strathspey4/4Donald MacLeod3rd and 4th par...
Cromdale 71Hornpipe2/4Tradarranged by Cha...
Crossing the Hooves 72Hornpipe2/4Charlie Glendinning
Cwn Rhondda 92Church Music4/4John Hughsarranged by Cha...
Davey the Corrupter 83Hornpipe2/4Bob Worrall
Dennypace 28March4/4Tradarranged by Cha...
Divine Christ Child 87Christmas Tune4/4Tradarranged by Cha...
Dolina McKay 60Reel4/4J Scott5th and 6th par...
Dunblane 39Slow Air9/8Charlie Glendinning
Far Rockaway 58Reel4/4Charlie Glendinning
Ferny Bank 31March6/8Roy Smith
Forest Green (O Little Town of Bethlehem) 89Christmas Tune4/4Tradarranged by Cha...
Gaulden Wedding 43Slow Air6/8Charlie Glendinning
General Sir John Swinton 8March2/4P/M Angus MacDonald
George M Bell of Parlin 4March2/4Jimmy McIntosh
Gerry Quigg of Toronto 5March2/4George M Bell
Ginny Down the Sewer 57Reel4/4Charlie Glendinning
Golden Anniversary 33March6/8Charlie Glendinning
Good King Wenceslas 87Christmas Tune4/4Tradarranged by Cha...
Gordon McLeod of Winnipeg 69Jig6/8Ann Gray
Honey in the Bag 64Jig6/8Charlie Glendinning
Hyfrydol 93Church Music6/8Rowland Hugh Prichardarranged by Cha...
Icelandair 85Hornpipe2/4Michael Green
Inky Campbell 63Reel4/4Peter MacLeod jnr3rd and 4th par...
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear 89Christmas Tune6/8Richard Willisarranged by Cha...
Jane's Song 47Slow Air3/4Andrew Douglas
John Burgess's Reel 62Reel4/4P/M Angus MacDonald
Keroulaz 46Slow Air6/8Tradarranged by Cha...
Kingsfold (O Sins a Song of Bethlehem)
AKA: Maid of the County Down
88Christmas Tune2/4Tradarranged by Cha...
Kit's Reel 58Reel4/4Charlie Glendinning
Krista Nicol 53Strathspey4/4Robert MacNeil
Lady in the Bottle 66Jig6/8A G Kenneth3rd and 4th par...
Laura Anne Bell 34March6/8Gerald A Quigg
Lord Alexander Kennedy 12March2/4J Honeymanarranged by Cha...
MacRae Meadow 24March4/4Charlie Glendinning
Major Krinz 37March6/8Charlie Glendinning
Mijas 95Air21/8Charlie Glendinning
Miss Forbes Farewell to Banff 9March2/4Trad3rd and 4th par...
Molly with the Golden Locks 67Jig6/8Angus McKay3rd and 4th par...
Moonstar 23March4/4Charlie Glendinning
Nameless 10March2/4Angus Mckayarranged by Cha...
O Waly Waly (The Water is Wide) 46Slow Air4/4Tradarranged by Cha...
P/M Angus macDonald 6March2/4George M Bell
P/M Jimmy Banks 7March2/4P/M Angus MacDonald
Patron Saint 30March6/8Charlie Glendinning
Paula Glendinning of Ashton 1March2/4Charlie Glendinning
Pipey 68Jig6/8Charlie Glendinning
Puckertoot 75Hornpipe2/4Charlie Glendinning
Red Brae 31March6/8Roy Smith
Salve Festa Dies 91Church Musicu/kTradarranged by Cha...
Scarlet Ribbons 42Slow Air6/8Evelyne Danzigarranged by Cha...
Slainte 32March6/8Charlie Glendinning
St. Andrew's Society of Charleston 21March4/4Sandy Jones
The Biscuit Girls 56Reel4/4Charlie Glendinning
The Brigantine Boys 55Reel4/4Charlie Glendinning
The Citadel 17March3/4Charlie Glendinning
The Duke of Glengarry 27March4/4Ken Eller
The Green Fields of America 57Reel4/4Angus Mckayarranged by Cha...
The Harp and the Lion 52Strathspey4/4Charlie Glendinning
The Hill Walker 81Hornpipe2/4Roy Smith
The Iceman 37March9/8Michael Green
The Keflavik Jet Nest 84Hornpipe2/4Michael Green
The Lord's My Shepherd 91Church Music3/4William Havergalarranged by Cha...
The Night Watch 76Hornpipe2/4Charlie Glendinning
The Recruits 19March3/4Charlie Glendinning
The Tatty Man from Knotty Ash 73Hornpipe2/4Charlie Glendinning
The Toronto Scottish Regiment 11March2/4John Wilson3rd and 4th par...
The Wellie Walk 79Hornpipe2/4Charlie Glendinning
Thistledown 82Hornpipe2/4Roy Smith
Wie Lieblich ist der Maien 92Church Music4/4Johann Steurleinnarranged by Cha...

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OMG, you don't know how long I have been waiting for a search engine to find tunes in my head. I thought about creating some kind of dictionary based on theme notes, or searching through bww files for sequences. What a thrill to find your site. I just hum a tune, use the up, down, repeat letters and... like magic the title is found. You are a genius. I will never be stumped for a title again. Thanks so much, John

Other successes i've heard of are: 2 Youtube movies being identified, a nameless bww file and mp3's