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List Tunes

List of tunes :: Barry Shears - Bk1 Clans Collection,V1

Tunename (show alternative names) Page Tunetype Parts Signature Composer Notes
Alison's Little Tune 56Reel22/2Shears,Barry W.
Angus MacLean Shears 56Reel22/2Shears,Barry W.
Antigonish Gathering 28March42/4Holmes,Fraser P/M
Baddeck Gathering,The 68Jig26/8MacDonald,A.S.P/M
Beautiful Island,The 38March26/8Shears,Barry W.
Bill Nicholson's Welcome To The North Shore 31March42/4Cranford,Paul
Bird's Nest,The 60Reel22/2Trad.
Black Hoe,The 65Jig26/8Trad.
Black Mill,The 59Reel22/2Trad.
Brenda Stubbert 61Reel22/2Holland,Jerry
Burning Of The Piper's Hut,The 69Jig26/8Trad.
Cape North Reel,A 50Reel22/2Trad.
Capt. Angus L. MacDonald 75Slow March26/8Holmes,Fraser P/M
Capt. Kennedy 43Strathspey24/4
Charlottetown Caledonian Club 33March22/4Beaton,Archie A.
Chateau Barra Glen 70Jig46/8Shears,Barry W.
Col. G. S. (Scotty) Morrison 36March46/8Carrigan,Don P/M
Col. MacBain's Fancy 52Reel32/2
Compliments To Roy A. Chisholm 52Reel22/2Shears,Barry W.
Cottar's Wife,The 50Reel22/2Trad.
Crimson Crustacean 74Jig46/8MacLean,Jack
Crippled Boy,The 42Strathspey24/4Trad.
Dame Flora MacLeod's Welcome To P.E.I. 39March46/8Holmes,Fraser P/M
Dan Rory MacDougall 29March42/4Trad.
Dartmouth And District Pipe Band 73Jig46/8MacLean,Jack
Dis-Praise Of Fair Donald's Bagpipe 69Jig26/8
Dr. A. Gordon Archibald,O. C. 35Retreat March29/8Shears,Barry W.
Dr. Malcolm MacNeil 34March42/4MacIntyre,Danny P/M
Dun Petticoat,The 49Reel22/2
Elizabeth's Big Coat 63Reel42/2Trad./(MacLellan,R.Parts3&4)
Father Eugene's Welcome To Cape North 33March22/4MacDougall,Mike
For My Good Friend Blair Murphy 76Gaelic Air56/8MacNeil,Rosemary
Forfar Hunt,The 58Reel22/2Trad.
Go Immediately 48Reel22/2Trad.
Grey Old Lady Of Raasay,The 45Reel22/2MacKay,Iain Dall
H.R.H. The Duke Of Rothesay 38March26/8Abercromby,J.
Heather Hill 53Reel22/2MacDonald,Dan R.
Henry Beag 32March26/8Severance,Arthur
I Am Wearing A Coat In Praise Of The Mill 41Strathspey24/4Trad.
Iron Man,The 40Strathspey24/4Skinner,J.Scott
King's Reel,The 57Reel22/2Trad.
MacIntyre's Farewell 35March26/8Shears,Barry W.
MacKinnon's Brook 41Strathspey24/4Trad.
Malcolm MacPhee 71Jig46/8MacInnis,Jamie
Malcolm On A Spree 77Gaelic Air24/4Trad.
Margaree Reel,The 60Reel22/2Trad.
Mary Jane Kelly 66Jig46/8Shears,Barry W.
Memories Of Bud MacDonald 26March42/4Shears,Barry W.
Miss Charlotte Alston Stewart 62Reel22/2McKerchar,D.
Miss Falconer 63Reel22/2
Molly Rankin 46Reel22/2Rankin,John M.
Mrs. Baillie 58Reel22/2Trad.
New Year,The 37March46/8Gillis,Malcolm
Night We Had The Goats,The 48Reel22/2Trad.
Old Man Wouldn't Give Me A Straw,The 51Reel42/2Trad.
Over The Cabot Trail 75Jig26/8Beaton,Donald A.
Put Me In the Big Chest 48Reel22/2Trad.
Return From India 44Reel22/2Trad.
Roy's Wife 42Strathspey24/4Trad.
Scotsville 55Reel42/2MacFarlane,Alan
Siobhan's Reel 46Reel22/2Shears,Barry W.
Sir Reginald MacDonald 44Reel22/2Trad.
Smith's Burn,The 60Reel22/2Trad.
Snuffing The Candle 59Reel22/2Shears,Barry W.
Sound Of Mull,The 50Reel22/2
Step Dancer,The 43Strathspey24/4Shears,Barry W.
Swallow's Tail,The 65Jig26/8Trad.
Though I Live Not Where I Love 77Irish Air24/4
Three Maids Of Perth 64Hornpipe42/4Trad.
Timour The Tartar 47Reel22/2Trad.
Traditional (Reel) 45Reel22/2Trad.
Traditional (Reel) 51Reel22/2Trad.
Traditional (Reel) 54Reel22/2Trad.
Traditional (Reel) 54Reel22/2Trad.
Traditional (Reel) 61Reel22/2Trad.
Traditional (Reel) 61Reel22/2Trad.
Traditional (Reel) 62Reel22/2Trad.
Traditional (Strathspey) 40Strathspey24/4Trad.
Traditional (Strathspey) 41Strathspey24/4Trad.
Traditional (Strathspey) 42Strathspey24/4Trad.
Traditional (Strathspey) 43Strathspey24/4Trad.
Traditional Cape Breton Reel 47Reel22/2Trad.
Traditional(Reel) 49Reel22/2Trad.
Trip To Mabou Ridge 27March42/4MacEachern,Dan H.
Trippers,The 67Jig36/8Trad.
V. A. MacLellan's 58Reel22/2Trad.
Wedding Reel,The 53Reel22/2Trad.
Wee Paddy 72Jig46/8Shears,Barry W.
Welcome To Hon. Captain Father James MacLellan 30March42/4Gillis,Ronald J.
Welcome To the Trossacks 32March22/4Gillis,Wilfred
West Mabou Reel 57Reel22/2Trad.
Yetts Of Muchart 44Reel22/2Trad.

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OMG, you don't know how long I have been waiting for a search engine to find tunes in my head. I thought about creating some kind of dictionary based on theme notes, or searching through bww files for sequences. What a thrill to find your site. I just hum a tune, use the up, down, repeat letters and... like magic the title is found. You are a genius. I will never be stumped for a title again. Thanks so much, John

Other successes i've heard of are: 2 Youtube movies being identified, a nameless bww file and mp3's